Monday, April 7, 2008

Time flies and all that...

I can't believe it's been two weeks. Oh well. I have been super busy as per normal. A few interesting or not so interesting observations.

1. I decided to buy something new to wash my face with and possibly a wrinkle cream. This sounds fairly easy. I do some research on the internet, no help there. Go out to my local Ulta beauty store, where I did not fair much better. Considered the Arbonne thing. Any ideas? Can someone help me find a good product. Here is what I want. Something to clean off make-up and wash with twice a day, toner included in wash please. Then a jar of magic that moisturizes, goes under make up, has sunscreen SPF20 please, and helps reduce fine lines. My gal at Ulta recommended everything, with no real preference to anything. My question about Arbonne is if it's so good why can't I buy it in a store! This is trivial I know but I like to wash my face.

2. Gas, petrol, go juice, whatever you call it is ridiculous. And it does not even come in a nice jar with a good smell.

3. I can't believe I have to work for 20+ more years.

4. I need to get back to work now.

5. How in the hell do I meet other people on blogger?


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thank God for Tinted Windows

So it's Tuesday and I am posting away. I am trying to enjoy blogging again like when I started. If you are reading and would like me to link your blog please let me know. I would like to say I am a completely silly person.

I like this cool blue. It's soft. I burned a bunch of crazy songs on a CD before work today. Some where downright silly. Have you ever been a red light and looked at someone like yeah I am listening to that and no it did not die with whatever decade. As much as I love new music I find it exhausting keeping up with this or that. So I go into periods where I don't listen to anything made after 1990. It's strange and I am sure I am not alone I go through decade phases. Like today I burned all all this bluesy music Joe Tex, Dire Straights (Sultans of Swing is an all time favorite of mine), the Coasters, Johnny Cash (I know right!). So I am driving to work with super old Tom Petty on and it put me in a good mood.

So what kind of music do you like that seems embarrassing? Ok, I will admit two things I love the Rich Girl song by Hall & Oates and I like to drive fast to silly Southern Rock.

I keep thinking I am a grow up I can listen to what I want. But come on do you ever find yourself turning down the stereo at a traffic light because you are embarrassed by your own taste? Oh god is this just me. And don't give me that I don't care about what other people think line. That in itself lacks any originality.

Also I have been trying to get into A New Earth. the Eckhart Tolle book. I find myself drifting everytime. Is that my ego? My sister told me it was this amazing experience for her when she read it. She seemed to gain understanding, I keep trying to focus on the damn thing. Maybe my damn EGO is to big for the book. Have you read it?


Monday, March 24, 2008


I completely picked a fight this morning. I am not even sure why I did it. Does anyone else ever do this? I was waking up and Matt was nice enough to bring me coffee. We have been discussing remodeling the kitchen of the house. It needs to be redone. These conversations are always so crazy. We ended up buying these new appliances because we had a great deal. They are super nice stainless stove, dishwasher, and convection microwave. I have a nice fridge. Anyway we bought these and then discussed that we needed to replace the cabinets in the house. I don't know if any of you have had remodeling fights but it's an ongoing issue. We just can't seem to agree on almost anything concerning what we want to do. Even something as big as remodel to please ourselves or remodel to sell the house.

So now the house is crazy. We have stuff everywhere. How do you get on the same page concerning these projects?


Thursday, March 20, 2008

What's with those tax people?

Ok, so I was driving home last night and I noticed, not for the first time, a dancing lady liberty outside a tax office. What is with this gimmick? Is it just in my town? These people are everywhere and each one has a different thing. Ok so most are dressed up as the statue of liberty. What varies is the dancing, pointing, and moving about. The best one was last night I was driving by and this gal had a stereo hooked up not a boom box but a full fledged stereo! She was shaking her booty. The great part was her costume tied in the back so in my rear view mirror her butt was sticking out of the thing as she shook it. You have to love college towns where you can see this stuff for free. I am not so fond of the pointing, it seems rude, the exception being when they wear the Uncle Sam costume. As if any of this is going to cause me to whip in and file taxes.

Well I had more but it's the end of the day, it's gorgeous outside, so I need to go run errands drive home, and generally do stuff.

Ok, see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Labor Pains

So I spent most of the afternoon attending an H/R round table discussion involving employment of foreign workers. What I found most interesting was this person from a lawn care company that actually processed HB-2 Visas to get labor for his service. I cannot imagine the expense involved. I thought I had an understanding of both sides of the immigrant labor debate, but I was so wrong.

If any of these people that feel illegal immigrants are taking their jobs know where I can hire US citizens please help me. I happen to know 10 other employers that will line up. And these are not bottom feeder jobs these are decent pay. We are facing a real labor shortage. Also a staggering statistic for you. 39% of graduating engineers from American Universities are not American citizens. For those of you in the HB-1 debate should know that all of those wonderful high tech jobs that create great tax revenue and good people rolling real dollars into the economy are being moved to other countries because we only provide 66,000 HB-1 Visas per year. Again these employers are not choosing these applicants over Americans, they cannot FIND Americans with these qualifications. This company has a full time recruiter and attorney to work on the Visas. They have to interview EVERY applicant that applies and provide intensive documentation as to why they are choosing to hire someone that s not a US citizen. So I said, What's wrong with that? So you need to prove you did not hire a US citizen big deal. Well they told me what the big deal is. How long do you suppose businesses will endure this expense before they take their entire operation to Canada or another country without issues? And that highly educated candidate? Well forget it they don't need this hassle for a year in America, England will welcome then with open arms not so many questions. Most of the candidates this person lost was to other countries. We are a global environment. The US used to mean the best and brightest talent. Now we are loosing people that are working on a cure for cancer because we won't let companies hire the best.

I guess my point is I left this meeting confused on an issue I thought I somewhat understood. I agreed we needed immigration reform but had no idea how many underlying issues were in place. And holding business to the wall of immigration issues will just push them to relocate to a country where the red tape has an end.

Oh well no one will touch this in an election year. What are your thoughts? Have you not thought of these things or was it just me?


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday is it the middle of the week or a weird Adam's family kid?

Ok, so back in the habit of writing. Two in one week. My old site is closing and I have some feelings of sadness. This place seems like a vast cavern of blogging with no end. I am sure I will get to know the ropes and soon I will know my neighborhood so to speak.

I am strung to use this outlet to my advantage. Today I am feeling fine. A bit stressed because work has been very busy. I am learning that this is the norm. I am good at my job. Sometimes you have to focus and become engaged in your work. I have been here nearly 8 years so I have to reinvent my role ever so often.

Life is good on the home front. Matt is out of town on business. I miss him. we just got new linens and anyone that knows me knows how I love a good set of sheets. Yes I do. try it out go out and invest in a set of 1000 thread count. You will sleep like a baby. I try not to seem so money obsessed it reads that way lately. I am just enjoying life and like to describe my finds. These I purchased at Sam's Club or Matt did for $80, so see. I mean there are sheets out there that cost $1,500 a set. Of course I have never met anyone that owned a set. I think those are like super expensive shoes I like to look but no matter what's in the bank I am not buying an $800 pair of stiletto's.

Now that my ankle was broken no more of those for me. I am stuck in Birkenstock's these days. Though it's been nice to avoid the trappings of fashion and enjoy the lay-ed back lifestyle. In fact I have become miss natural trading my shiny black stiletto boots and tulle skirt for gap khaki's and and soft t-shirt. It must be my home life.

My house needs work. Something happened and now all of sudden everything needs to be fixed. It's terrible. I need to paint the whole thing inside and out. I need a new front porch and roof work. God help me I am going to refinance this September. I am lucky enough to have about 50% in equity. Some many people have borrowed more than their house if worth and can't get refinanced it's terrible. Of course who in the hell ever thought it was a good idea to take negative equity. And to pay for credit card, shudder that scares the piss out of me. I mean I am no financial guru but I am smart enough not to pull all the equity out of the house. And credit cards are a must but they make better ice scrapers than financial tools IMO. Ok, slow this horse down so I can jump off.

Speaking of Matt let me add that he is on a major health kick. It's so of sweet. He is hitting the soloflex 4 nights week, getting his toes done, and he brought home some colon cleaning thing from GNC. I think it's a pre-mid life crisis. He also traded his car for a Toyota 4-Runner. He has been all about saving money lately. Which is good for both of us. You have no idea how much sooner I could retire without Starbucks!

Life is weird. All of the sudden I am looking for wrinkle cream. Discussing ways to retire. Watching interest rates and gripping about gas prices. It's sort of cool to feel grown up.

My sister said we should buy some land on a body of water, I vote for a river. Anyway then we can wither build or renovate a little house or build little cabins and live near each other when we are old. Sounds good to me. As long as I keep a loft in a decent sized city.

I need to get back to the grind!

Monday, March 10, 2008

It's a new week

I am a little tired this past week. Maybe I am battling a cold or something. I guess my old web page is hutting down and I hope that people I know will come visit me here.

Life is ok. Work is especially hard. It's been busy but I am fully engaged so that is a plus. In fact I am taking a few minutes to write this before moving on.

Oh, here is the gorgeous bouquet I got for my birthday.

I know what a man I have.... He was so sweet and it seemed like everyday we did something else for my b-day. We went shopping the weekend before and I got a great Juicy Couture perfume set. I also nabbed some fingerless cashmere gloves, love em. He bought me a detail car wash and dinner. Oh and I forgot he bought me new tires for my Mazda. Very cool as I hate paying for that stuff.

Ok, I have to work now. Someone say Hi please!